Welcome to our newly renovated and fully equipped apartment, perfect for accommodating 4+1 guests. With a spacious area of 60m2, this charming ground floor unit offers both comfort and convenience. 

As an added bonus, our guests have exclusive access to a generously sized grill situated right in front of the house, allowing for delightful outdoor cooking experiences. To further enhance your stay, a parking lot is conveniently available right in front of the house, ensuring hassle-free arrival and departure.

Step into our delightful apartment, thoughtfully designed to provide utmost comfort for 2+1 guests. Spanning a generous 40m2, this charming abode is conveniently located on the ground floor. 

As an added highlight, our house offers a private pool with direct access from the apartment, allowing you to indulge in refreshing dips. In front of the house a spacious grill awaits for unforgettable outdoor dining. An expansive garden offers abundant space. Convenient parking ensures a hassle-free stay. Get ready for a memorable experience.

Welcome to our spacious apartment, designed to comfortably accommodate 4+1 guests. With a generous area of 60m2, this delightful abode awaits you on the first floor. 

Our house boasts a refreshing swimming pool with a charming poolside cabana, creating a serene oasis for relaxation. In addition, a large grill situated in front of the house is perfect for indulging in delicious outdoor barbecues. A parking lot is conveniently located in front of the house, for easy and hassle-free parking during your stay.

Welcome to our thoughtfully designed apartment ready to accommodate up to 7 people. Spanning an impressive area of 150m2, this luxurious penthouse awaits you on the 3rd floor. 

Our house offers a delightful pool, complete with various facilities for relaxation, ensuring your ultimate comfort and enjoyment. For those who appreciate outdoor cooking, a large grill is situated in front of the house. Additionally, we’ve created a small haven for children with a dedicated playroom featuring Playstation 2 and 4, a drawing board, etc. A parking lot is located right in front of the house. Get ready to immerse yourself in luxury and relaxation.