Apartment A4

Apartment A4 (4+1)

Welcome to our spacious apartment, ideal for a group of 4 adults and an additional guest. Spanning a generous 60m2, our apartment offers ample room for your comfort and relaxation. Situated on the first floor, it provides a delightful vantage point to appreciate the surrounding scenery.

As our valued guest, you’ll have access to a wonderful feature of our property – a large grill conveniently located in front of the house. Feel free to indulge your culinary skills and enjoy an outdoor barbecue experience amidst the picturesque setting. Moreover, our expansive garden offers a perfect playground for children, ensuring they have a delightful time during their stay.

We understand the importance of convenient parking, and thus provide ample space for your vehicles, ensuring a seamless arrival and departure experience. Additionally, our house boasts a magnificent pool with a spacious poolside area, inviting you to unwind, bask in the sun, and enjoy refreshing dips at your leisure.

Our utmost priority is to ensure your comfort and satisfaction during your stay. With our well-appointed apartment, complemented by the availability of the grill, a charming garden for children, ample parking facilities, and the inviting pool with its expansive poolside area, we strive to create an exceptional experience that will leave you with lasting memories.

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